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    Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    7th Pay Commission Latest News – Budget speech 2016 indicates 7th CPC implementation this year

    Though salaried employees are not happy on account of no change in the income tax slab in the Budget 2016, Central Government Employees including Railway Employees, Defence Personnel and Pensioners have something to cheer about as a result of Finannce Minister Mr.Arun Jaitley’s Budget Speech 2016-17.

    In the Budget Speech FM observed that financial year 2016-17 will face an additional burden due to implementation of the 7th Pay Commission and OROP. He has also mentioned that his Govt will have to prioritise expenditure due to implementation of 7th Pay Commission and OROP scheme. What could be understood from the FM’s budget speech is that Govt is preparing itself for implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations in this financial year. However, the same could be confirmed on the basis of budget allocation made for salary of Central Government Employees for the financial year 2016-17. Fine Print of Budget paper may throw some light on this.

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