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    Saturday, May 24, 2014

    Expected DA From July 2014-Possibility Of Increase Of DA By 6%

    Dearness Allowance is given twice a year in the months of January and July. The benefit of this allowance is being enjoyed by both central and state government employees. Every time when the DA is given, there is an increasing curiosity among central and state government employees to know in advance the DA that they will get the next time. As everyone knows well, DA is calculated based on the increase of the price of the essential commodities. Hence, the expectation of the central and state government employees about the DA that they are going to get in the month of July 2014 is quite reasonable.

    AICPIN and DA
    To calculate the DA for July, we need the value of AICPIN. As of now, the value of AICPIN for only 3 months has come out. The table below shows the approximate AICPIN value for the next three months and is calculated based on three different AICPIN values. According to this calculation, the chance for getting a 6% DA seems more probable but DA depends on the AICPIN value of the next three months.

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