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    Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    7th Pay Commission – Crucial Meeting on Hike in Minimum Pay – Scheduled Today

    The union leaders, representing the CG employees will have a crucial meeting with the senior officials today over the grievances over the 7th pay commission recommendation on the hike in the minimum pay for the employees. The meeting was scheduled at 3.30 pm today, however, the meeting has been postponed by half an hour,  and it will now be held at 04.00 pm today. The meeting will be held between Standing Committee of National Council (Staff Side) JCM and the senior officers head by the Additional Secretary (Expenditure), Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance.

    The meeting was confirmed by the Finance Ministry, which informed MR. Shiv Gopal Mishra, Secretary, National Council (Staff Side) JCM through a letter dated October 21. The previous meeting of senior officers with the central government employees union leaders  had failed to arrive at any decision for hiking minimum pay for the employees. “The government has assured us they will act on minimum pay, but so far nothing has happened.” Shiv Gopal Mishra, Secretary, National Council (Staff Side) JCM had already said.

    Earlier, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had promised to  consider a hike in the minimum pay of central government employees beyond Rs 18,000 at Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s house, a day after the cabinet cleared 7th Pay Commission award, when he met with the representatives of the central government employees union leaders. However, nothing concrete have taken place yet.

    “It is most unfortunate that inspite of Finance Minister’s promise, the government or the FM himself has not cared to make any attempt to hike minimum pay till date,” said a union leader in anonymous.

    The central government employees unions had demanded for hiking minimum pay Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000 and the and asked to raising fitment factor 3.68 times from 2.57 times, which was implemented by the government based on the 7th pay commission recommendations.

    The government has also formed a 22-member committee headed by Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in September to look into various pay related anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. If the government agrees to increase the  2.57 fitment formula recommended previously, then the salary and pension in general for all central government employees will go up.

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