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    Monday, September 7, 2015

    DGE - National Talent Search Examination, November 2015 – Submission of applications through Online – Fees collection – Instructions issued - Reg

    The State level NTS Examination will be held on 08.11.2015 for all students currently studying in Xth Std. in recognised schools.

              I am to inform that candidates are required to apply for State level NTS Examination through their school only.  The Headmaster / Head of Institution can download sufficient number of blank application forms through the website  The last date to download is 05.09.2015.

              The following instructions should be followed by the Headmaster / Principal of the schools.

    1.    The blank application forms should be distributed to the Xth Std. students who are studying in the current academic year.

    2.    With the help of parent, the students should fill up the application forms and return the filled in application forms to the Headmaster / Principal concerned along with photo affixed and cash of Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty only).

    3.    The Headmaster / Principal should collect the filled application forms till 05.09.2015.

    4.    The Headmaster / Principal should upload the particulars in application forms through ONLINE in the website from 28.08.2015 to 10.09.2015.  The photo can be either scanned or uploaded through webcam.

    5.    The above procedure may also be followed for the CBSE / KV Students  who wish to apply for this examination.  The user ID / Password for online submission is available in the website  Schools which do not have USER ID / PASSWORD may send a request to or contanct 044 43561992.

    6.    After completion of online submission of particulars in the applications, the Headmaster / Principal should submit the summary Report only along with the total fees collected from the students to the respective District Educational Officer (DEO) or before 15.09.2015 5.30 p.m. (The filled in applications should be retained by the Headmaster / Principal and need not be submitted to DEO Office).

    I also inform that the concerned DEO should collect only the Summary Report and fees  from the respective schools (State Board / CBSE / IGCSE and other recognised schools) situated in their district.

              The DEO should remit office the fees collected, in a single Demand Draft taken in favour of Director of Government Examinations, Chennai-6”on or before   22.09.2015 without fail.


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