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    Monday, October 27, 2014

    மத்திய மற்றும் மாநில அரசு ஊழியர்களுக்கு 20% தொகையை இடைகால நிவாரணமாக வழங்க கோரிக்கை; தேசிய மஸ்தூர் யூனியன்

    The National Mazdoor Conference has urged the Chairman of the newly formed 7th Pay Commission recommend that 20% interim relief be given to all Central and State Government employees.  

    National Mazdoor Conference has also strongly demanded that these recommendations be submitted to the new government that is likely to form at the Centre.

    The NMC President, Subhash Shastri said in a letter to 7th Pay Commission that along with the State and Central Government employees, the interim relief of 20% of basic pay be also extended to pensioners too and that these demands be recommended as soon as the Election Commission’s restrictions(Model Code of conduct Rules) end. 

    Shastri emphasised that whenever the recommendation of the commission are submitted to the Central government, the Commission should extend these recommendations to the state governments in general and Jammu and Kashmir in particular.

    In addition to these, the National Mazdoor Conference has also demanded on its previous demands for raising the retirement age to 62 and of 50% DA merger.

    Last week, the Confederation had released its draft reply to the 7th Central Pay Commission questionnaire. The Secretary General said that a final decision in this regard will be made at the Staff Side National Council Meeting.

    Leading federations are going to proclaim their replies in the near future. Employees all over the country are eagerly waiting to see these, especially the opinions and queries of federations like AIRF, and NFIR.

    Meanwhile, the 7th Pay Commission has sent a circular to all the federations to submit their replies as memorandum on or before June 30.  The Commission has sought the cooperation of all the federations since it has to submit a complete report to the Government within 18 months.

    The Federations have advised their affiliate unions to hurry with their opinions, demands and their views on the implementation of 7th CPC. Attention is now being channelized to draft suggestions and demands that include all thoughts and   

    The 7th Pay Commission too is particular about gathering opinion and feedback from all Ministers/Departments and the general public for drafting its recommendations

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